Art For Self-Reliance


International Justice Mission


ASR in collaboration with IJM to create a line of handicraft product, curated and designed to reflect high quality control. This 3 month initiative, working across several homes with a total of 360 women and girls (artists in training) was the founding project for Art For Self-Reliance Foundation. The work was exhibited at Turqoise Handicrafts Pvt Ltd (Bandra West). Each artist in training received a check in their name reflecting the completion of a artistic cycle and exhibiting a starting point of self-reliance. 

Art For Self-Reliance


Shachukul Gompa School, Ladakh

Gratitude prayer in Ladhaki by the Shachukul students, Ladakh 

ASR, YouUbuntu Foundation & a group of volunteers working with the gompa children of Shachukul School conducting Self Portraiture explorations and renderings. 

The gompa schools is a residential facility for a group of forty students, ranging from the ages of 4-14yrs. These young boys are mostly orphaned, live and are cared for by their new family, the monks and teachers at Shachukul.  

"This experiential process was constructed to embark  with a self reflection meditation facilitated by our team to open our eyes and attempt to deconstruct "what do we think we really look like" "- Founder & Executive Director, ASR

Art For Self-Reliance & YouUbuntu Foundation


Wellbeing in Ladakh 

YouUbuntu Foundation and ASR work in Ladakh, India. Ladakh is a remote high altitude desert in the Himalayan region of Northern India, at an average altitude of 11,000 feet above sea level, inhabited by people who are geographically distant from the mainland, eager for exposure, opportunity and growth. 

Our work extends to introducing well being programs, starting with the schools in Ladakh. We employ Organizational Development tools, relational work and creativity to harness the positive core of this incredible community. 

Our partnership with YouUbuntu has led to 6 Positive Ecosystem summits and a 3 stage approach in the process if being implemented. 

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